Discuss Types of Grow Light Bars


There are three types of grow light bars.

  1. LED grow light bars
  2. HID grow light bars
  3. CFL grow light bars

LED grow light bars:

LED stands for the light-emitting diode. LED grow light bar is usually used for indoor farming as they consume less energy while enhancing the power level. With the help of these lights, crops also grow closer to each other. The light in standard high-pressure sodium lamps is produced when sodium and other materials are heated with electric discharge in a glass tube.

The main purpose of LED Grow lights is that saves electricity and help to save money used to invest in new plants. These lights also produce less heat than other lamps and lights, which means there is less probability of burning plants. The lower temperature of these lights means that they will last for a longer time. These lights are available in the market in different shapes and sizes and have specific features according to the needs of the home plantation system.

HID grow light bars:

HID stands for high-intensity discharge. The bulbs of the HID grow light bars filled with the gas and electrodes on end in a glass tube. The bright light is produced when electricity bounces from one electrode to another, responding to the gas. The technology of HID lights is older and has a higher brightness. It takes up more space, so large greenhouses favor them.

These lights have a better quality of light which can spread light to the stems, leaves, and other lower parts of the plants. These lights are reliable and affordable, but they are less energy efficient, and they add to the bills of electricity as these lights have much brightness, which will burn the bulbs sooner, so you have to replace them. They require more maintenance than other lights.

CFL grow light bars:

CFL stands for compact fluorescent light. These lights supply a plant’s light wavelength for its growth and produce less heat than any other light or lamp. These lights are short-lasting. This light bar is an inexpensive choice for use in small gardens. These are used for indoor plantation systems. The number of bulbs used in these lights depends upon the number of plants growing in the home.

What are the common advantages of grow light bars?

Grow light bars consist of four LED lights with a strip set that helps plants grow without wasting energy. The plant needs energy for the process of photosynthesis and also for growing and blooming, which they can consume from the grow light bars. These light bars can enhances plants growth and increase flowering. They control the amount of darkness and light and help plants to grow properly in varying climates. These light utilize less amount of energy in comparison to normal light.


Grow lights are perfect for growing plants inside the home. They produce less heat which is beneficial for the plants. This heat is a long-lasting system. Lightly spread on every part of the plants, including the stem and root, helps they grow.


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