What is Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bars?


With the advancement of technology, many tasks previously considered strenuous are now made more accessible. Contacting someone oceans apart is no biggie now compared to how tough it was two decades ago. Similarly, the world has become a better place for farmers and plant growers too!

Gone are the days when they relied on sunlight to produce healthy plants. Artificial options for light, water, etc., have made their lives easier!

Full spectrum LED grow light bars are another example of technological development whose purpose is to aid growers in growing healthy plants without having to rely too much on natural means. The following article will explain the basics of a full spectrum LED grow light bar.

What is a Full Spectrum LED Grow Light?

A full spectrum LED grow light refers to an artificial light source whose composition in spectra is similar to that of sunlight. The concept of full-spectrum is applied in these lights to describe the electromagnetic spectrum- which consists of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet wavebands.

As its spectrum is similar to natural light, it is an excellent alternative to the sun, especially for indoor plants.

Growers can also use it in areas where light does not reach! Instead of simply imitating sunlight in terms of spectra, full-spectrum LED grow lights have various brightness and color temperature settings to duplicate light at different times of the day. This allows the plants to gain a near-natural experience in an artificial environment!

Advantages of Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Countless reasons make LED grow lights better than regular grow lights! The following are the reasons that they are well-preferred:

Less Power and Heat

Full-spectrum LED lights consume less power as compared to traditional lighting. It uses lesser watts to produce the same amount of usable light as the primitive options. Hence, growers prefer it to save up on their electricity bills!

In addition to using up lesser power, LED grow lights produce less heat than traditional lighting. Lesser the consumption of watts, the lesser the heat produced in the grow room, decreasing the surrounding temperature to a healthy level!

Greater Efficiency

In retrospect, an LED grow light is almost 40%-60% more efficient when equated to traditional lighting. These lights provide a wider range of visible spectrum than traditional grow lights, making them more effective at promoting plant growth. As a result, it converts energy into usable light faster and more smoothly!

Energy Efficient and Doesn’t Require Much Ventilation

In addition, full spectrum LED grow lights are more energy-efficient than other types of grow lights, which can help to reduce your electricity bills. Full spectrum LED grow lights are also cooler than other types of grow lights, which means they won’t produce as much heat and won’t require as much ventilation. As a result, they’re a great option for indoor growers who are looking for an efficient and effective way to promote plant growth.

Easy to Install

LED grow lights are easier to install, and growers don’t have to worry about installing a whole system into their grow space! An all-in-one set of LED grow lights can rapidly be set up by simply hanging up, plugging in, and providing ample airflow and suitable temperature!

In a Nutshell

Conclusively, a full spectrum LED grow light is an excellent alternative to natural sunlight, especially when daylight is not approachable! It aids growers in indoor plantations and provides various other incentives too. The plantation was never easier!


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